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Residential corporate package

Our desire is to provide the space at Buckland Hall with exactly the right level of service and attention that suits your intentions. That means we have to be flexible to your aspirations and requirements. We can't do too little, nor should we over-do the service. We want you to feel well-cared-for without intrusion or fuss. You should feel that Buckland is your space and that everything you want is being seamlessly and effortlessly provided.

You have a choice of the level of service you wish for your group. Different provisions of service attract different rates of charging. Usually, it's a matter of discussing exactly what you want and agreeing the relevant charges.

With all events at Buckland Hall, we naturally provide the following services.

At the start of your occupancy:

  • The reception, meeting, social and activity spaces set up to your specific requirements.
  • Clean, fresh bedrooms with Egyptian cotton bed-linen and soft towels. The level of housekeeping during your stay is your choice.

During your stay:

  • We provide three main meals served at the times and in the style you require. We welcome your input to help devise the menu to suit your activities and ethos.
  • Teas, coffees, spring-water and snacks always available free of charge.
  • We service the public areas, toilets as appropriate to your programme. You can specify the extent of privacy you want in the meeting and activity rooms.
  • Housekeeping of the bedrooms depends on the level of service (see below) you wish to be provided for your group members.

Corporate rates

Our rates are carefully calculated to reflect your exact requirements and will vary according to numbers of participants, duration of the session, level of service and any specific needs and special arrangements. There may also be discounts available for certain dates and late bookings.

The best way to finalise a price is to chat with us over the phone. However, if you want a rough estimate of the charges for your planned event, please use our no-obligation Email Estimate Enquiry Form – see below for link.

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