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Buckland Hall vegan menu

our vegan menu

More mouthwatering dishes... but for vegans

In keeping with our ethos of care for health and the environment, we operate Buckland Hall as a fully vegetarian venue. Generally we adhere to a lacto-vegetarian cuisine. However, we are more than happy to provide a fully Vegan experience. In planning the banquet for your guests, please choose one item for each course. Special dietary needs can be provided for as required. Our chefs will be happy to discuss your ideas and to help you devise the menus for the weekend.


Soups Below are a few of our homemade soups (out of many possibilities):

  • Roasted parsnip and apple soup with a dash of Soya Dream and chive
  • Courgette and tarragon soup with lime soya-based crème fraiche
  • Tuscan white bean soup, served with croutons
  • Sweet potato and pear soup, served with a savoury pastry
  • Thai coconut corn soup creamed with coconut milk

Other starters

  • Tossed fussili pasta in a coriander and lime dressing served in an iceberg lettuce shell, with calamata olives and walnuts
  • Polenta butternut squash, peppers stack served with a lemon coconut dressing
  • A hors d'oeuvre of fresh fruit, served with a cranberry and redcurrant compote
  • Roasted Portobello mushroom topped with a vegan Welsh rarebit melt served on a watercress and chive garnish

Main courses

  • Home-made pies We have a unique selection of individual home-made pies designed to look great and taste amazing for a main dish:

    • Roasted vegetable, mushroom, walnut and sweet potato pie served with a red pepper sauce
    • Sautéed mushroom and leek served with a white burgundy sauce
    • Authentic Greek moussaka pie served with a Beshemel-style sauce
    • Mince & winter veg pie with red onion gravy jus
    • Moussaka baked in a puff pastry case, topped with aubergine & sliced potatoes and finished with a cheezley-creamed sauce

Other Mains

  • Wild mushroom and red pepper stroganoff served in a puff pastry case and topped with deep-fried battered onions served with a red wine & paprika sauce
  • Stack of aubergine fritter and bean-curd steak with beef tomato and potato discs topped with fried leeks and served with a spicy Yofu sauce
  • Spiced seasonal vegetable koftas on a bed of Basmati and wild rice with aromatic tomato and caraway sauce
  • Caramelised red onion and spinach tartlet topped with vegan ricotta cheese and served with a cranberry and port reduction
  • Vegan Welsh Glamorgan sausages on a bed of crushed coriander mash potato, served with a white wine and tarragon sauce OR rich red onion jus
  • Classic Italian rotolo with fresh asparagus, courgette and red peppers encased in a layer of garlic potatoes and pastry served with a red pepper & white wine sauce
  • Classic curry with courgette, peppers and onions spiced but not ferociously hot served on a bed of turmeric Basmati rice with cauliflower pakoras and mini pappadams
  • Baked beef tomato filled with couscous, pine nuts, sweet corn and celery and served with a watercress sauce
  • Moroccan filo rolls stuffed with peppers, courgettes and apricots and served with a balsamic maple sauce

All menu choices are accompanied by vegetables, grain dishes and/or salads.


  • Passion fruit vegan cheesecake served with coconut "cream"
  • Champagne, lavender and lemon syllabub with the season's berries and shortbread
  • Vegan tiramisu
  • Medley of berries and port crème brulée served with a chocolate twirl biscuit
  • Fresh summer fruit tartlet served with a Mandarinetto liqueur sauce and dollop of vegan mascarpone
  • Autumn fruit tarte tatin served with vegan crème anglais
  • Banana chocolate chip bread pudding
  • Mango cobbler

Finish with coffee and mint chocolates.