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Three Steps to Organising an Event
Step One – Choosing a Level of Service to suit the type of Event
Step Two – Consider numbers of participants & facilities required
Step Three – Consider duration, dates & check price & availability

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Step One

At Buckland Hall, we are able to offer a variety of levels of service and arrangements for your session to complement the aspirations for your group. You choose the level of service you require.

An excellent service that covers the needs of most retreats, courses and workshops
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A higher level of attention, facilities and catering for corporate events
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A special celebration event, such as a wedding, birthday gathering, anniversary with all the arrangements designed to your specification
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Step Two

Estimate numbers of participants including facilitators and organisers and decide rooms, spaces and facilities you may need.

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Step Three

Check availability for particular dates and get a price estimate.

Price, Charges & Tariff
Because each event at Buckland Hall, we will need to prepare a specific charge for you based on a range of factors:-

  • Numbers of attendees
  • Duration of the event
  • Level of Service
  • Exclusivity
  • Special arrangements
  • Multiple bookings
  • Season & last-minute bookings

The best way is to discuss availability and prices with us over the phone.
Alternatively, you can check dates and get a price estimate by using our no-obligation Email Estimate Enquiry Form.







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